When you’re preparing for a move, protecting your furniture must be one of your priorities. Your furniture must be handled with utmost care during the move. Whether you’ve hired professionals or you’re handling everything yourself, you must make the necessary arrangements for protecting your furniture. After all, when you enter your new home, you’d want your furniture to be just as gorgeous as before.

If the pieces of furniture are not handled with care, they may suffer heavy damages. The wood may get gouged, glass may break, or the upholstery may get ripped. In order to avoid such things from happening, consider following these tips:

1. Dismantle your furniture well in advance

Whenever possible before the day of making the move, dismantle your furniture completely. Remove the legs from tables, take off the cushions, and remove the bed frames. Dismantling your furniture would make the items easier to move and prevent damage caused while moving. 

It would also make it easier to accommodate other things in the moving truck. If a user’s manual is available, refer it to know how to dismantle the furniture correctly. Sealable plastic bags can be used to hold the screws and other small hardware. 

2. Prepare your furniture for packing

Take some time before packing to clean your furniture thoroughly. While moving, the debris and dust can leave scratches on the hard surfaces. By cleaning your furniture before moving, you won’t carry all the dust and grime into your new home. 

Remove all those knobs, pulls, or casters. Take the drawers out of the desks and dressers. You can pack other items inside them. This would leave you with extra storage space. It would also lighten up the heavy furniture for making the move.

3. Gather the packing supplies

You might’ve heard that cardboard boxes, moving blankets, and packing tapes are needed to protect your belongings while moving. While these items are undoubtedly necessary, there are a few more supplies you need to invest in. 

They are bubble wraps, covers for sofa and mattresses, sealable plastic bags, and plastic stretch wrap. You can also invest in corrugated cardboard sheets. With these items, you can protect your furniture from damages during the relocation.

4. Wrap the furniture correctly

For moving your furniture safely the two best tools you can have are plastic sheets and bubble wraps. Plastic sheets can be used to protect upholstery while bubble wraps offer protection to delicate pieces of wood. It would be a good idea to use corrugated cardboard sheets between the wooden pieces. 

This would add extra protection and prevent scratches or gouges. Mirrors and table tops can be protected with the bubble wraps. Wrap the mirror or glass completely, while also protecting the corners.

5. Plan the placement of furniture

The way you place the items of furniture in the truck is extremely important. This would make things easier for you as well as the movers that you’ve hired. Start by having a placement plan that would ensure adequate space for accommodating all your belongings. 

You can create a wall of heaviest items across the back-end of the truck. Make sure that the boxes containing them are properly sealed. The items must also be packed tightly to prevent them from slipping. You can then place the lighter items in the available space.

5 Tips for Protecting Your Furniture While Moving

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