Furniture can be made using hardwood or softwood. The types of wood available in recent times vary in terms of color, finishing, grain, and density. You may choose wooden furniture taking several factors into consideration. One of them, of course, is price. Second would be the purpose for buying the piece of furniture. 

You may want to resell or discard it after a certain period of time. Although any type of wood can be used in making a piece of furniture, not all woods have the same qualities. So, we’ve presented the most preferred types of hardwood used in furniture:

1. Teak

Teak wood is certainly one of the hardest woods in nature. Teaks are tropical hardwood trees that can be found in Thailand, Myanmar, and India. It is mostly used for outdoor construction and furniture owing to its strength. Teak wood offers strong resistance to rotting. 

It is not affected by rain, sunlight, snow, and frost. These are the qualities that make teak wood desirable for furniture. However, this type of wood is expensive and hard to find at times.

2. Mahogany

With fine and straight grain, mahogany is a preferred hardwood for making durable pieces of furniture. It adds a pleasant look and feel to a room and has a timeless beauty. Furniture made using mahogany can last generations with proper care. 

This type of wood is native to Mexico and the countries of Central and South America. It is also grown across Africa and the tropical countries. Antique furniture is usually made from South American mahogany. In recent times, African mahogany has gained wider popularity than the South American variety.

3. Maple

It is one of the hardest types of wood used in furniture. Maple is often preferred for furniture pieces intended for heavy use, such as dining sets. This type of wood can take a heavy beating and still be durable. Another great advantage of maple is that it’s more affordable when compared to other hardwoods. 

Hard maple is lighter in color while soft maple has a slightly darker shade. Colors of maple can range from cream to reddish-brown. It can also take dark stains. This makes it easy to stain maple wood in such a way that it resembles an expensive type of wood.

4. Walnut

A strong, hard, and durable wood, walnut holds its shape for many years and carves well. This is the reason why it is used for furniture pieces that need high level of craftsmanship. Furniture made using walnut can stay in your house for generations. This makes it worth investing in. 

In the North American region, walnut grows in places such as Texas and Vermont. The color of this wood varies from white to dark brown. Brazilian, Caribbean, black, and North American are the common types of walnut wood used for furniture.

5. Oak

Oak tree has a slow growth and possesses an extremely dense wood, which makes it durable and long-lasting. It also adapts well to a range of finishes. Such qualities of oak wood make it ideal for both traditional and modern furniture. 

The central and eastern parts of the United States are the biggest sources of oak lumber. With proper care, furniture pieces made from Oak usually last for many centuries. If properly finished, the oak furniture can resist stains and scratches.

5 Most Preferred Types of Hardwood Used in Furniture

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