A coffee table is designed to be kept in front of a sofa or upholstered chairs. They are used to keep beverages, books, magazines and other small items. Coffee tables have a lower height and don’t have much length. In Europe, the coffee tables were first made in Great Britain during the late Victorian period. However, the idea for such tables is believed to have come from the Ottoman Empire. 

Throughout the late 19th century, the Anglo-Japanese style of low tables was commonly used in Japan. This might’ve also been the source behind the concept of a coffee table. Today, there are seven different styles of coffee table you’ll come across:

1. Modern Coffee Table

This style of coffee table dates back to the 19th century. Such coffee tables are influenced by modernism. Today, modern coffee tables are mostly made from a combination of glass and metal or glass and wood.

2. Parsons Coffee Table

A parsons coffee table is a modern rectangular or square-shaped table. It has four square legs that have the same thickness as that of the flat top. This modern design was first created in the 1930s. Although these coffee tables have a simple shape, their look can be enhanced through upholstery or other materials.

3. Mid-century Coffee Table

This style of coffee table is reminiscent of the style of interior design popular during the mid-20th century. Such coffee tables feature clean, simple lines and bentwood or moulded plastic. Wooden furniture mostly has a simple finish that shows off their natural beauty.

4. Contemporary Coffee Table

Although modern and contemporary would seem pretty much the same, contemporary style is what’s currently popular. Stark interiors having bright and bold accents are the main features of contemporary coffee tables. They mostly have glass tops and metal bases.

5. Industrial Coffee Table

Industrial-style coffee tables have the look and feel of factory tools. They often have sturdy construction with the use of wood and metal. Industrial coffee tables can go well with softer surroundings as well as loft-style living rooms.

6. Shaker Coffee Table

The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing developed Shaker furniture. This style of furniture is quite distinct and reflect the beliefs of the Shakers. They are a religious sect with simplicity, utility, and honesty as their guiding principles. The Shaker furniture was made thoughtfully. Instead of using inlays, carvings, veneers, or metal pulls, they developed more creative solutions. 

They included asymmetrical drawer arrangements and multipurpose forms. Shaker furniture was made using pine, cherry or maple lumber. Such types of wood were generally painted or stained with one of the colours used by the sect. Drawer pulls were also made of wood.

7. Cottage Coffee Tables

A cottage-style coffee table reflects a frame of mind rather than a decorative approach. It celebrates ordinary things and imperfections. The cottage coffee tables also celebrate blended furniture families. They are more humble, full of heart, and unpretentious. 

These are the traits that you’d certainly want to have. Both country and cottage styles are characterized by feminine detailing and lines. Among the common features that you’ll notice in the cottage and country coffee tables are painted and distressed finishes.

Major Styles of Coffee Tables You Must Know

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